Ways to Maintain a Consistent Engagement Rate on Instagram

Instagram has continued to grow steadily in 2018, with more than 10 percent of the world’s population using this platform. It has also gone ahead to prove itself as a source of traffic for websites.

It is now clear to say that Instagram is too big to ignore, and you need to find a way to leverage this platform the right way so that you end up at a level where you get what you want from the platform, either personally or businesswise.

For now, Instagram remains a darling of the social media stalwarts that are looking for better ROI on their efforts, and it is not hard to see why when you consider that the platform receives over 800 million active users, half who follow brands.

Engagement on this platform is measured according to the likes, shares, and comments that arise from your followers. And Instagram boasts of the highest rate of engagement, coming in at 4.21 percent, which is ten times more than Facebook, and more than 50 times higher than Pinterest, and more than 80 times higher than Twitter.

However, the launch of the Instagram algorithm has led to dipping in the engagement rates, which means you have to content with dimming organic marketing campaigns – or not. If you are in for it, it is wise to follow the following tips to make the most out of Instagram.

Know How Often to Post

Brands need to stay active to boost engagement and attract followers, but how active should you be? According to recent studies, you need to post consistently once or twice each day. This goes hand in hand with knowing the perfect time to post especially when dealing with the algorithm.

Recommended posting times vary widely depending on your time zone and the expert you decide to listen to. However, you need to analyze your profile and audience to decide which the best time is.

Tell a Story

If you ask your audience why they choose to follow you, one of the major reasons is that you don’t post mediocre marketing messages that are too common on the platform. Just because you are posting images and video doesn’t give you the opportunity to post just about anything – you need to try and be creative and captivating.

To increase your engagement rates and get more likes and reposts, you need to become a storyteller spin tales about your brand that people never knew about, and you will be sure to succeed.

For inspiration, look up to some innovative brands that are on the platform. These can easily kick-start your creative journey.

Grow Your Brand

If you wish to build a brand on Instagram, then an erratic approach won’t just matter at all. What you need to do is to focus on the core areas of your profile such as keeping a consistent theme and maintaining the goals of your brand.  You also need to keep the account active so that you keep the users hooked. One of the ways to stay active is to use Likegrowers, a bot that helps you gain organic reach easily. You can look it up on The Small Business Blog to find out what it does.

Don’t Stick to a Single Type of Content

Whatever the case, don’t stick to a single type of content, say, images alone. Instead, try to diversify and use Stories and videos as well. This will help you capture a wide variety of users because you can meet their needs.

Final Thoughts

It comes a time when you have to make your efforts on Instagram matter. This time is today; follow these tips to increase your engagement on Instagram.

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