Top Five Bluetooth Speakers to Add Some Music to Your Golfing Experience

There are assortments of Bluetooth speakers that allow you to enjoy music on the golf course as you drive the course. You can listen to your favorite music with high quality sounds via these speakers. There are so many audio accessories available, making it a tad tricky to choose the best for your needs. Let us check out the top five Bluetooth speakers, in no particular order.

Sticky Sounds – Generation One

If you need clear sound to play your favorite playlist as you enjoy a round of golf, opt for Sticky sounds. This waterproof speaker is designed to attach to any part of your golf cart using the stick-and-clip mechanism so you can enjoy music as you play.  You can stick the speaker on your golf bag and listen to music as you move around. You can control the sound from your phone or from the device. When fully charged, the battery lasts up to five hours. Pairing this device with your mobile phone is easy, allowing you to play music from the internet or your phone’s memory. You can play music from a microSD card as well.

Kicker Bluetooth Amplifier & 6” LED Speakers & Remote

These weather resistant Bluetooth speakers come with built-in amplifiers to add a clear, solid sound to your golf experience. An array of LED lights change with each beat. These speakers fit a wide variety of golf carts, including the 1994-current Medalist, Express, TXT and RXV. It handles peak power of 195 watts and comes with interchangeable speaker faceplates that allow you to tailor the look.

AmpCaddy Portable Bluetooth Speakers

This is a portable speaker unit that comes with a removable mount. The design allows you to swivel the speaker towards the occupants of the cart. The unit comes with a lithium ion battery that can hold the charge for 8 hours when fully charged. The mount comes with a quick working clamp and bracket. The bracket is lined with soft foam to protect the surface you attach the speakers to. The speaker comes with an auxiliary cable that you can use to connect to your phone whenever the Bluetooth system fails.

NOAM NUT4 Marine Bluetooth Golf Cart Speakers

These speakers come with advanced Bluetooth capabilities so that you can easily sync with a portable device and stream or listen to music directly. The powerful stereo speakers produce powerful and clear sound. It is a water resistant unit, allowing you to continue listening to music during a sudden drizzle. The package includes a remote control that comes with backlight ideal for dark conditions or poor visibility.

Wet sounds Black stealth 10 Ultra V2 Bluetooth Amplified sound Bars

These Bluetooth speakers are ideal for Yamaha, EZ-GO and club car golf carts. Comes with a high performance speaker with matching tweeters to give you a rich audio experience. You can link to external amplifier or speakers via the 2 volt line driver. Comes with L mount brackets to attach to your golf cart.

Final Words

Take a perfect green, excellent company and add some high quality music to the ensemble and your golfing experience is complete. To enjoy such an experience, head to SpeakerDigital, your source for reviews, latest information and hot deals on portable Bluetooth speakers.