The Coffee-Maker Made Me Look Good

Receiving any kind of positive acknowledgment will always make a difference in somebody’s day and it can be that very difference which serves to encourage any worker to strive for excellence in their position. Employee satisfaction is the driving force behind some of the most successful corporations, as they understand that a happy workforce is a productive one. Speaking from personal experience, I’ve been on the receiving end of an “attaboy” here and there. I was interning at a small advertising agency for a summer, it was one of the first jobs I’d held that didn’t include moving or mowing anything. I got to wear a button-down shirt and a tie and nice slacks and show up every morning at 8:30 am before the rest of the staff got there so I could make the coffee.

Little did I know, I was really good at making coffee. As an intern, we were pretty invisible until someone needed lunch or the copier was jammed, anything that took up any amount of time that the staff couldn’t or wouldn’t deal with fell upon the nearest intern to handle. But my job was the coffee and I took pride in making sure everyone got what they needed, whether it was cream, sugar, Splenda, the wooden stirrers (not those plastic ones that look like little straws – those are an abomination to mankind). In any event, one of the senior writers seemed to like the attention to detail I paid to the coffee and we got to talking about it one day. He happened to be working on a potential account for a small coffee company and before I knew it, I was invited to pitch meetings with his team. Soon enough, I was helping brainstorm ideas one second and running out to get lunch the next. The recognition came when they incorporated a line of copy that I thought up for one of their ad campaign pitches to the company. I was so proud of myself and it was a real boost to my ego. I felt like I had really accomplished something. No I wasn’t hired on as copywriter or anything and I was still just the coffee guy for the rest of the summer, but I’ll never forget that feeling of satisfaction. Unfortunately the company didn’t get the coffee account, but I got to keep one of the presentation artwork specs. I still have it today.

I also have the coffee-maker now. That’s right, I figured when a coffee machine is that good, it was worth owning. You see, if there’s a product like that, one to get me recognized for doing all the work and letting me take all the credit, then I had to own one. I mean, sure, I got to the office early in the morning to make the coffee but it’s not like I was the one actually making it. The machine did all the work, and I got all the benefits of recognition. So I looked it up at and found the exact unit that was in the office. Ordered it and now I have terrific coffee at home every morning. Right before I head to my new job where the intern there isn’t so hot at making coffee. To be perfectly honest, I was much better at the task…or my coffee-maker was, that is.