How to Take Wine Like a Pro

As a wine lover, it is more likely that you have a favourite time to take your glass of wine. This is the perfect moment when you go to the wine cooler and pour out a glass of your favourite wine.

There is no specific time to take wine; it all depends upon the occasion, the mood and your preferences. Today we look at the different times when you need to take wine and the significance of each.

Drinking With Food

Studies show that wine helps with digestion. Red wine has been shown to be good for memory, reduction in aging and reducing the risk of heart disease.

The first rule of drinking red wine is that you should never take it on an empty stomach. Without any food in the stomach, the wine travels straight to the bloodstream, and the blood alcohol level increases. This can lead to loss of control of behaviour and other bodily functions.

The best time therefore for taking wine when eating is sipping a little during dinner and after the meal. This way you can have food in the stomach, and you will not be hungry, meaning you won’t have to eat or drink more than necessary.

While eating, make sure you drink in moderation and make sure you only drink high-quality wine. The morning after you drink the wine, make sure you eat a balanced diet high in proteins and healthy fats. These aid the body to absorb the wine. Do not go for carbohydrates and refined sugars because they will lead to a hangover effect and give you a craving for bad foods.

Buying Wine for a Party

One of the natural components of a successful party is wine. People associate wine with parties because they symbolize the cheer and free spirit that comes with people who have come together to celebrate. Take time to understand what kind of party it is before you decide on what to buy.

You have to figure out how much wine to buy, the kind of wine, and what food to serve with the wine. This can be a huge challenge.

The first step is to consider the kind of wine to buy. This means you have to decide whether to buy white wine, red wine or both. This decision is determined by the guest list. When the guests arrive, you need to ask them what they prefer depending on what you have.

You need to choose the number of bottles to buy. The number of people who will take the wine dictates this. In a party setting, not everyone takes wine; some prefer beer while others prefer soft drinks. To determine the number of bottles, you need to know that a single bottle serves between five and six glasses. The guests will most likely consume three glasses each, with the number rising depending on the drinker. Make sure you buy some extra bottles to be on standby just in case you have a few heavy drinkers on the list.

The next thing you need to master is the kind of food that goes well with the wine. Remember that sweet foods go well with sweet wines, while acidic foods go well with acidic wines. Light foods go well with light wines, and intense foods go with intense wines. You can talk to friends to get an idea of what to pair with what type of food.

You should also make sure you know when to serve the wine. Some hosts will bring the wine immediately, while others bring it during meal times. Decide which kind of host you are!

Have the Right Supplies

You need to have wine glasses that make the wine drinking experience perfect. The different kinds of wine require different glasses for maximum effect. For instance, red wine requires a wide bowl to allow for more swirling space.

It is also important to point out that you need to have a wine opener. This makes it easy to open the wine without spoiling it.

In Closing

You need to buy the right wine for your guests. The wine can be white or red, but at the end of the day, you need to make sure all the guests are catered for.

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