Some Common Blow Drying Mistakes, How to Correctly Blow Dry Your Hair

Mistake number 1

BlowDryerthumbcopyNot sectioning your hair, thick or thin, wavy, straight or curly

  • Section it! Use clips
  • Start with the most difficult part after having combed it through, there is no point in starting with tangled hair
  • Using clips will help to keep the dried hair out of the way and prevent over drying

Mistake number 2

blow-drying (1)The wrong bush and the wrong technique

  • Metallic brushes can get very hot
  • Denman plastic brushes have nice wide teeth for blow drying and are excellent for fine hair
  • Bristle brushes are also amongst the best for all hair types
  • Hold the brush vertically and hairdryer horizontally
  • Dry your hair at the back (usually the most difficult part); avoid the front except for bangs (fringe in UK!)

Mistake number 3

blow-dryingHair too wet!

  • Towel dry your hair first but very gently
  • Blow drying wet hair stretches the hair leading to breaking hair
  • If it is dryer you are putting less stress on the hair by reducing the drying time

Mistake number 4

hairToo much heat

  • Before you even start drying your hair check the heat setting
  • Start with a low heat setting for roots
  • Increase the temperature when reach the ends of your hair
  • This also helps prevent tangling the hair
  • And also avoids over drying

Mistake number 5

sectioning-hairHolding the blow dryer in one place

  • Keep moving
  • Not shaking! Shaking serves no purpose
  • But constant movement, not in one spot for too long which causes damage to the hair by overheating

Here is the correct method for blow drying your hair

At the risk of repeating myself this is the how it should be done, better to be sure you are doing it all correctly so give yourself at least 20 minutes for this task, even a bit longer for very long, very thick hair.


  • Shampoo your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner
  • Rinse the conditioner thoroughly
  • Your hair will be prepared for the heat of the dryer


  • Towel dry your hair gently, not by rubbing as that can cause split ends and frizzy dryness
  • It should be not too wet, not too dry
  • If you do over dry it or if it dries very quickly you can use a water spray to dampen it again


  • Separate your hair into sections
  • Larger sections will take longer to dry
  • On average you will need 4 – 6 sections
  • Although very short very fine hair you may only need 2 sections


  • Start blow drying at the roots about 6 inches away from your scalp
  • Always dry above the hair, never in an upward motion as that can damage the hair
  • Getting the scalp dry makes it easier to do the length of your hair


  • Keep moving in a downward motion
  • Keep drying until your hair is nearly dry


  • Now it is time for the cool setting to “set” your hair
  • You can use your hands or fingers at the end, put the brush down
  • Now is the time to add a small amount of oil, serum or wax
  • A very small amount if your hair is fine, you do not want to add weight

A few more tips including safety

hairstylist-tips-girl-with-blow-dryerIf your scalp burns stop immediately!

Blow drying your hair can be a literal headache so it is good to cut down the drying time. Check out for some great reviews of hairdryers.

Never, never use your hairdryer near a bathtub or any water receptacle, it can be lethal!

Do not use elastic bands to tie up wet or damp hair, one of the most damaging things you can do to your hair

Don’t use heat setting on freshly coloured hair, leave it to air dry or use cool setting on your hairdryer

Always use a brush, soft bristle is best

Now you know what not to do and best practice when it comes to blow drying, slow down, keep cool and keep your locks healthy and shiny.

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