How To Sleep Well On a Journey

Travelling can be an awesome experience if you plan everything right. Whether you are going across the country or flying to an overseas location for a vacation, there are a lot of things to see, do and experiences to be had everywhere you go. But very few things can affect your enjoyment the way exhaustion that you experience when you fail to sleep well.

To make most of the time you spend on your trip by getting the best rest, here are a few tips to follow:

Book the Right Room

While you can’t always guarantee that your room will be quiet, there are ways to get one that is better. When booking a room, try to avoid the lower floors or a room near the vending machines. This will increase the chances of getting a quiet room, and also helps you eliminate the need to stay awake at night due to the outside noises.

If you can’t avoid such a room, then pack a pair of noise-canceling headphones or earplugs.

Make Time for Exercise

Regardless of the kind of vacation, you are on, making time for some exercise should be a necessity. When you are active during the day, you tend to fall asleep faster than when you don’t do any exercises at all.

However, you might not get the chance to exercise in a new destination because your favorite exercise routine or trail isn’t available. If the security allows it, opt to walk back to your hotel instead of taking a cab.

Additionally, if your hotel has a gym, then get your sneakers out and spend at least an hour on the treadmill. Regardless of the exercise that you choose, make sure that you avoid performing any exercise before you go to bed as this will keep you awake rather than asleep.

Stay Hydrated

When travelling, staying hydrated is very crucial. Studies show that one of the top reasons you get fatigued when travelling is the failure to take water. This is especially true when you are traversing the globe in an airplane. The plane cabins can become dry, so make sure you take plenty of water before and after the flight. This will help you sleep better and keep your body hydrated and active.

Make Your Room Ideal

Being away from your home can make things a little bit uncomfortable and disoriented when the time comes to sleep. It is recommended that you make your room feel a little more like the space you are used to at home so that you sleep in an environment that mimics your bedroom.

What you need to do in this case is to pick a few select items that are portable and move with them. These can be your fuzzy socks, family portrait or the alarm clock you love so much. Having these items on hand may help you relax and enjoy your sleep.

If you use a certain type of pillow such as foam instead of a feather, then call the hotel in advance and tell them what you prefer so that they can arrange for you.

Keep the Bedtime Routine

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you need to maintain your usual bedtime routine. While it might be tempting to stay awake with friends to experience the night time, you also need to give yourself enough time to go through your bedtime routine like you normally would. Since your body is accustomed to this routine, then following it will make you fall asleep faster.

Have a Sleep Mask

Many travelers reach their destination when it is daytime, or they are forced to share a room with a travelling partner who doesn’t sleep with their lights off. This means you have to put up with sleeping when the light is fully on, which can be a huge challenge. To mitigate this, order a special travel sleep mask as pointed out by Relaxation Masks so that you mimic night time when you need to sleep.

In Closing

Traveling is an exciting prospect, but it comes with various challenges. One of the challenges is the failure to get enough sleep as required. Take time to understand what you need to do to get a perfect sleep so that you don’t get tired the next day.

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