Instagram for Fitness Instructors

Instagram is a great tool to promote your personal training business. However, you have to use the right strategy to get the right kind of followers and grow the business.

Today we look at the different ways you can use Instagram to help you communicate with potential customers for your online fitness training business.

Choose a Style

The first thing that you need to do before you start posting on Instagram is to choose a style. The style is not about the kind of fitness you offer, but a style on what represents you, the information you would like to post, what advice you wish to pass across and more.

The aim of having style is to come up with appealing content that usually starts with having an idea. Once you have the idea, the next thing is to implement it. Take time to understand the different tools you have at hand to help you achieve the tasks.

Use Before and After Pictures

One of the top reasons that most people follow fitness professionals on this platform is to get motivation and to learn about effective workouts. Their aim is not to buy a bunch of training books or manuals that are rife on the internet.

What you need to do instead is to post before and after images of the clients that you have trained before, and messages you receive from people telling you how awesome they look after working out with you.

Using such pictures with captions makes it easy for people to see how you are committed to the task and how people are benefitting from your efforts. This will intrigue your followers and take them to your website without you having to tell them directly.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags allow people to search for and find your profile on the platform. So, make sure you use a few hashtags in each post that you make. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags in each post, but you don’t have to use all these.

What you need to do is to identify a few hashtags and use a maximum of 7 on each post. Take time to research and find hashtags that are relevant to each post so that you don’t stay hidden.

Search online and find out the hashtags that are trending for fitness, have a few of them written own and add them in the comment part of the posts.

You also need to come up with a personal hashtag that describes the business or the workouts that you offer. For instance, use #PatriciaTraining, #FitForAll and more.

Provide Quality Information for Your Followers

The key to growing your followers on Instagram is to give quality information and the motivation that they need. You need to post images that are relevant to the fitness business. The information that you share needs to be shareable to their family and friends.

Once in a while, you need to post something that you are selling, for instance, the best recipe or training deals and link them to the site. However, make sure you do this wisely so that it doesn’t feel as if you are only on Instagram to sell items.

Use Automation

One of the ways to grow your following is to use automation. You can automate various tasks that make your strategy, ranging from posting to auto-following of accounts. To know what kinds of bots are ideal for your needs, check out this post about Instagram growth by Spire.

The Conclusion

Fitness is a multi-billion industry, and with the right approach, you can also get a share of the pie.

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