Going Swimmingly: Why Children Should Learn How To Swim

In a recent survey, the American Red Cross revealed that nearly half of Americans are unable to swim. Although astounding, this whopping number could be reduced over the coming years as vigilant parents teach children basic water safety skills at increasingly younger ages. Due to the importance of learning how to swim, many parents are turning to private swimming lessons for kids in order to prevent an avoidable tragedy. There are a variety of reasons that every child should learn how to swim, including health and safety.

Every year, there are heart-wrenching stories in the news about children losing their lives because they had not learned the proper skills for water safety. In fact, drowning is the second-leading accidental cause of death among children under the age of 14. It is a parent’s ultimate responsibility to keep their kids safe and prepare them for any situation, and this responsibility is the most important reason that kids should receive swimming lessons.

Rather than living in fear of the water and reacting with panic if something goes wrong, a child who has been taught basic water safety skills will know how to behave and what to do in an emergency. It has been said that swimming is the only sport that can save a child’s life, and it could save the lives of others as well.

Not only is it a vital survival skill, learning how to swim could also potentially allow a child to help someone in need who is unable to swim themselves. As witnessed during the 2017 floods in locations such as Houston and Puerto Rico, possessing these basic skills can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Another major benefit gained from learning how to swim is related to health. According to the American Heart Association, the number of children classified as overweight or obese has more than tripled over the past 40 years and that percentage is likely to continue to rise due to several factors, primarily a sedentary lifestyle. This is an alarming statistic for any parent to read and should be cause to take some action. Too many youngsters eschew going outside to play in favor of sitting inside playing video games and interacting via smartphone.

What better way to get a child to participate in physical activity than to take him and/or her to the local pool for swimming lessons with their friends? Swimming provides a full-body workout from head to toe, elevating the heart rate without the impact stress of land-based exercise techniques. All of the body’s major muscle groups are involved in swimming as muscles are toned and strength is built, laying a solid foundation for a healthy adult lifestyle when they get older.

Best of all, swimming is fun! Nothing beats a beautiful, sunny day outside at the pool, whether private or public. Many hours can be spent swimming laps or participating in marine sports such as water volleyball or water polo.

Learning how to swim is an essential part of growing up and leads to a feeling of independence for a young child, allowing them to be more confident and enjoy a greater social life since they will be able to handle themselves in any water-related situation that may arise. A child learning how to swim also offers a wonderful opportunity to create lasting memories with the family that will be cherished and remembered forever.

Trips to the beach and the water park, boating adventures, and simply visiting relatives with pools all become less stressful when a child knows basic water safety skills. In addition, parents are given peace of mind and can rest easy knowing that their children possess the necessary skills to survive when they aren’t around. Swimming lessons for children are truly a lifelong gift.

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