Essential Baking Tools

If you ever thought that your baking dream would never materialize because you need fancy and expensive equipment that you can’t afford, well, think again. In fact, for most recipes, you only need just a few inexpensive items, and you are ready to go. To become a successful baker, all you need to have is the essential equipment. With the right tools, you will not only achieve better results but also be motivated to bake more regularly. However, the sort of items you need to invest in mostly depends on how much you bake and at what scale. If you are preparing large batches of dough for pizza or even bread regularly, your needs may differ with those of an occasional baker. The thing is, you need to know which tools work out best for your baking needs. You can have a whole lot of gadgets that you rarely use and miss a few that you truly need as a baker.

Irrespective of whether you are an experienced baker trying new products or a newlywed looking to stock up your kitchen, some tools are indispensable. However, remember that investing in the right tools does not automatically turn you into a master baker, it only helps to whip up your baked treats in a much enjoyable and easier way. Therefore, it is important that you gather a list of all essential items beforehand and ensure you have them ready before you begin baking. This article explores some of the primary baking tools you truly need as a baker to make your work much easier, more enjoyable, and also a success.

Measuring Cup

A measuring jug comes in handy for multiple functions. It not only measures liquids, but you can also crack eggs into it, or melt the butter or chocolate in a microwave. However, you will need to get the best material for the best results and functionality. Silicone jugs make an ideal choice as they are heat resistant and pliable. Also, they don’t get too hot for your hands like glass, and they don’t lose their shape when exposed to heat like plastics.

Digital Scale

A scale may seem like an auxiliary equipment when baking. However, if you want to get the best out of your baking, you need to get your measurements right. Digital scales offer a quicker and easier method of weighing your ingredients. It’s easy to reset the reading to zero when you measure another ingredient. Some digital scale models come with a built-in timer that helps you to keep time and track how long your cake stays in the oven.


A mixer is a baker’s best friend. You can do fine with a hand mixer if you bake occasionally but a stand mixer represents the best choice if you are a serious baker. With a stand mixer, you can get on with other tasks as your ingredients are beaten, mixed and stirred hands-free with just the push of a button. With about ten speeds, whipping, kneading and mixing can never get any easier. Unlike with other mixers where some stuff remains on the sides of the bowl, you don’t need to scrape anything off with a stand mixer, thanks to its scraper attachment. Also, it not only saves you time but also beats your ingredients much faster than the standard options. Some models come with a planetary mixing function to cover 360 degrees of the bowl. However, stand mixers tend to be more costly than hand mixers and are also more durable.

Baking pans

If you often bake and in large scale, you will need quality pans for your cooking. When seeking the best baking pans, be sure to look out for a multi-ply construction that allows for even, consistent heating and also conducts heat better that most of its counterparts.

Mixing bowls

You will need a place to mix your ingredients especially if you don’t have a stand mixer. However, if you own a stand mixer, a mixing bowl may be used for other functions including baking. Nevertheless, it is an essential equipment, and you are better off owning more than one because you may need to mix your dry ingredients separately from the liquid ingredients. Separate bowls also come in handy for mix frosting as well as other toppings.


It is important to keep track of time when baking to establish how long your cake has been cooking. Without a timer, it can be hard to keep track of time which may ultimately result in overcooking or undercooking ruining the entire process. Most ovens come with a timer; however, it’s important if you have your personal external timer just in case the one on the oven became faulty or just to be sure it works correctly.

Oven mitts

Safety should always be prioritized especially in the kitchen where the risk of burning is always at a high. Unlike pot holders, it’s hard to burn yourself with mitts. They come in handy to hold a high-temperature dish as well as remove the hot racks from the oven. Also, if you are training your child to bake, their hands are fully protected ensuring they don’t risk getting burnt.