Errors in Anesthesia Administration Can Be Fatal

The issue of surgery, whether minor or major, comes with fear and uncertainty, at times scary to say the least. Surgical procedures carry a level of risk that something might go wrong, or the surgical procedure might not be a success.

While many of the patients worry a lot about the real surgical procedures, one thing they overlook is the administration of anesthesia or the skills of the anesthesiologist who will be overseeing the process. Unfortunately, a large percentage of medical malpractice claims arise from the administration of anesthesia.

Patients are unaware of how vital proper administration of anesthesia is and don’t understand just how much medical training is required to make sure the anesthesiologist administers it the right way. This practice ought to be done in a particular way, and a small error in administration can lead to tragedy or a serious complication.

While these errors don’t happen every time, the results are usually devastating whenever the errors happen.

Reasons Why Anesthesia Errors Occur

You have heard of stories whereby a patient goes in for a simple procedure, but they never wake up due to the effects of the anesthesia. What happened? Here are some reasons why these errors occur.

The pre-surgical phase of the operation should explain to the patient what to do to make the procedure safe.

The anesthesiologist ought to tell the patient what he ought to avoid, such as eating food before the procedure and know what medications he is using. This is because some medications react adversely with anesthesia and can lead to fatalities.


Too much anesthesia is also risky.

A skilled anesthesiologist usually determines the amount of this drug depending on your body composition. The specialist then monitors your blood pressure, heart rate and other vital signs to know if the correct dosage is being administered. Side effects of an overdose include mental and physical impairment, seizures, dementia, prolonged unconsciousness, brain injuries and if critical, death.


When the medical personnel administers anesthesia to patients who are allergic, problems happen.

The most common agents that cause allergies are neuromuscular numbing agents that are used in numbing the muscle for surgical procedures. Another leading cause is antibiotics, then latex. When this happens, anything can happen on the surgical table.

No matter the cause of the error, there is no excuse on the part of the anesthesiologist. This is because a large number of the side effects are grave and cannot be repaired however much the patient goes for rehabilitation.

The Outcome

As you can imagine, it is hard dealing with such errors as a patient. If by good luck you survive the error, you will be faced with long-term recovery, disabilities, brain damage, lost pregnancy, rehabilitation, long-standing medical treatments, and death.

Due to these issues, you are faced with huge medical bills, mounting bills, inability to work, and a hard time adapting to the new way of life. Additionally, the emotional and physical stress can become overwhelming.

When it happens, take time to consult with one of the lawyers from The Medical Negligence Experts who understand medical negligence cases and knows what the way forward is. The decision should help you get compensated for past, present and upcoming medical bills, loss of companionship, income, and changes in the quality of life. The lawyer will help you come up with costs and expenses that need to be considered in the claim.

The Bottomline

Don’t attempt to file a personal injury claim on your own without assistance from a qualified lawyer who specializes in this area of litigation. The laws that surround medical negligence have been put in place to protect you and others so that these injuries don’t continue happening.

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