Dogs vs Cats – The Battle

It is a battle which has raged ever since pets became a popular accessory a couple of hundred years ago. You could ask several thousand people on the street what their answer would be and you would almost guarantee that it would be split right down the middle. That is why today, throughout this piece, I will do my best to answer the eternal question of who is better, cat’s or dogs. Now please be aware that whilst I will try my hardest not to be biased, I am a more of a dog person so let’s hope this doesn’t affect my results too much! This isn’t to say I don’t like cats; we once had three in the house at once but anyway, let’s just see where this goes!


When you look at them from an outside and objective standpoint, cats are very odd creatures. They seem to always want to be independent and yet if you don’t show them any attention they will persist in clawing at your arm until they do. They are what is known in the human world as “attention seekers.” I am going to pretend I don’t like you until I need you to do something… Cats are also monumental pains in the arse at certain times. We have all seen the pictures on the internet of some poor soul sitting there trying to finish up their work on the laptop and where does the cat decide to sit? Right on the keyboard is the answer. These feisty felines are animals that know what they want and know how to get it. That is not to say that cats don’t have their good points too. They can be exceedingly cute when they want to be. If you’ve ever seen a kitten clumsily finding its feet in the first few months of its life without going “awwww” then I have to wonder what is wrong with you? Cats are also a whole lot cleaner than dogs too, and this can only be a good thing when you do not have to sit there and scrub the dirt off of them.


Dogs manage to be both one of the most intelligent and simultaneously stupid animals you will ever have the pleasure to meet. Some species like Border Collies and Cocker Spaniels can solve complex puzzles and do agility training which is very impressive on the eye. These dogs are even said to have intelligence levels comparable to those of a three year old humans! Dogs will be one of the best companions you will ever have. It doesn’t matter if you have had the best or worst day of your life, you can guarantee that they will be there wagging their tales delighted to see you and cheer you up. One of the advantages of having a dog over a cat is that you can actually play with your pet. I have taught my dogs many tricks which they always enjoy learning, and I have attempted to teach them so many more (but you can’t win them all.) There are a much wider variety of breeds of dogs compared to cats, so you will be able to find one to suit you. It doesn’t matter whether you only have room for a Chihuahua or whether you have a mansion and can fit in a whole menagerie of Great Danes. You will be able to find your perfect pooch! The final good point about dogs is that they are always eternally grateful. You can get them a dogs crate from somewhere as simple as or you can get one from the Ritz, they won’t care in the slightest and they will love it.

So, what are you all thinking? Are you a diehard cat fan or are always going to prefer the company of your precious pooch? It really doesn’t matter because everyone is different. If we were all the same things would be boring but I can tell you for a fact that I am always going to prefer my dogs.