How to Cut Down on Wedding Venue Costs

Your wedding venue is one of the aspects of the event that needs to be taken care of the right way. Remember, you don’t have to test the credit limit before you have your dream wedding venue, and you also shouldn’t go into debt for the same either.

This is why you need to understand a few tips to help you save the most out of your budget.

Book on an Alternative Day of the Week

We all know that a majority of the weddings occur on weekends, especially Saturdays. So, if you choose a less popular day such as Monday to Friday, then you will score the wedding venue at a bargain.

The venue is expensive on Saturdays due to the high demand for space, but free on other days.

Go For Off-peak

Unless you are so much for the warm weather, you can pick an off-season wedding month, which can be January to march. This is because most of the venues at this time have fewer customers, and you will have better luck bargaining for space with the vendors since the bookings will be fewer than ever.

Apart from choosing an off-peak season, you also need to get married in the morning or early afternoon instead of going to the evening. A midday wedding can be a ton of fun for your guests, but you also get to save so much on the space. Since the venue managers will find it fun having two couples on the same day, they will likely slash some costs for you.

Cut Down on the Guest List

When you start planning your wedding, you are excited and tend to invite everyone you can to the wedding. A huge wedding list requires you to have a huge venue to boot, which means that you spend more on the venue.

Trimming the guest list isn’t something easy; you need to make sure you know who to cut and who to leave on the list.

When you cut down on the list, you can get a smaller venue, and remember the venues cost depending on the size. The smaller the size, the less decor and rentals that you get to use.

Go to a City-owned Venue

If you have got the dream venue, but the cost can’t allow you to book it for the duration of the ceremony and the reception, then you need to consider having the wedding at a nearby venue and then taking the reception to another venue.

Most of the parks charge by the hour, which means that you can save some money by hosting the wedding off-site.

Book an All-inclusive Venue

Choosing a venue that gives you all the services you need for the wedding can save you some money, but take some time to research about the venue before you put down a deposit. Compare what the all-inclusive venue offers and find out how different it is from what you stand to pay when you use an alternative venue.

Sometimes, you get a great deal on an all-inclusive venue, but at times some venues end up bumping up their prices for nothing at all.

Don’t Go for a Blank Canvas

A hall without any decor might seem like the perfect place to host your wedding, but you need to be forewarned.  A space that doesn’t have any furniture or some decor can take you into debt so quickly. Open spaces that come with a ton of characters are a joy to work with, even for the photographer because he will have a ton of options to work with.

Instead, go for a wedding venue that gives you plenty of options when it comes to the site so that you don’t have to take a lot of time and money setting up the place.

When you have a wedding with a few items already in place, you can make good of it so that you don’t have to waste more money on the decor.

The Conclusion

You need to take some time to understand what you can do to save on your venue. The right venue makes the wedding more appealing to all your guests and more memorable for you.

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