What Causes Bad Posture and How do You Fix it?

Good posture is essential for spine strength and breathing. However, millions of people suffer from poor posture and the resulting pain. It may cause anything from shoulder and back pain to temporomandibular joint dysfunction and headaches. By knowing what causes poor posture, you can fix the problem.

This piece is specifically dedicated to everyone who cares about their overall health and needs to fix their poor posture habits. Also, if you want to buy the best posture corrector for women or men, read this article first.

What is the cause of poor posture?

While some people have an imposing build and posture, some aren’t so lucky and struggle to fix their bad posture. But what causes people to develop poor posture? Why do people unconsciously slouch when they walk, stand, or sit? Below are some common causes of poor posture.

Bad sitting patterns

You could sit in a manner that your upper back muscles are constantly extended and gradually they could tighten and lead to discomfort. This could be due to too much slouching or even trying too hard to sit upright.

Weak core

When sitting properly, you hardly use your shoulders or upper back to support your body. Instead, by default, your deep core muscles keep your posture comfortable and proper, while providing the upper body with both functionality and stability.

You don’t exercise properly

While it’s good and healthy to exercise, working out without sufficient knowledge and proper techniques can lead to neuro-muscular dysfunction and poor posture that’s normally accompanied by pain and stiffness. This can occur often when you’re working one group of muscles too much and neglecting other groups.

Bad movement patterns

This happens if you engage in a certain movement that’s related to a specific direction very often, for example, rotating to a specific side or even leaning towards a specific direction, or perhaps only using your right leg or arm.

If this happens, then the body will do certain subliminal changes to counter the patterns you’re making and adjust certain areas which make them tighter and cause bad posture. This is often not so clear and might only be noticed by an expert.

You have big breasts

Having large breasts can also be bad for your posture. Having too much tissue that weighs down on a certain area of the body can result in deformities. If this applies to you, then you certainly need to put in a little extra effort to work your body so it may comfortably handle your big breasts.

You can correct poor posture

Fortunately, poor posture may still be fixed except that which is caused by serious scoliosis or osteoporosis. These conditions require specialized attention from a professional. For less serious cases, there are certain guidelines you must follow in order to reverse poor posture.

Strength exercises

Doing specific exercises will help you better your posture. In fact, many fitness freaks usually have an imposing posture because strength work outs help to strengthen the bones inside the body, as well as the muscles surrounding them. This means there’s reduced risk of suffering an injury, bone fracture, muscle strain, and muscle imbalances, which can all cause poor posture.

Balanced diet

Eating a well-balanced diet will give you enough vital nutrients as well as help you maintain weight. As such, you’re effectively solving two problems at once if you follow this guideline. You should also avoid the excess fats that lead to obesity and get enough vitamins and calcium for a healthier, stronger you.

Supplementary products

If you’re looking to get faster results and regain your good posture, you need much more than just diet and exercises. There are many good posture correctors for both women and men in the market that may help fix your posture. Wearing a high-quality posture brace is a great option for those who have no time to visit the gym.

You must maintain a good posture if you want to have a healthier body. You can follow the recommended workouts and eat the right diet, but if you have poor posture habits, you can use supplementary products like back braces or posture correctors to help you achieve an upright, healthy physique.

If you’ve got serious pain or posture problems, be sure to visit a doctor. Otherwise, the above tips should help prevent pain as well as boost your well-being.

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